Monday, March 25, 2013

Moments with God

A life with God is a life of adventure; of exploring the paths of life; a journey to be enjoyed, moments to be treasured.

It can be so difficult to keep God as the center. There's dishes to be done, rooms to clean, floors to vacuum. There's a whisper from our Creator. Sometimes we pause and listen, other times we move on oblivious that we've had Jesus, creator, come to talk to us. I sweep the kitchen. Then I notice the grains of sand. The dogs have been outside making a mess again. What grace that God can remind me of him in that mess - in the grains of sand that he has numbered.

I hear the dog snore, and again grace. Grace that God reminds me that each breath comes from him. How precious it is. The chimes make a song of their own, the breath of God the writer.

How can I see grace at some times, yet at others I am oblivious that the Creator is whispering of his love to me. Displaying it for me to see. Then I remember that the stories of those who inspire...those lives that we hope to attain...they lived each moment. They swept the floors, listened to the chimes.

They found God in the mundane.

In the simplicity of the moment we can see God. In the months and years, others can see what God did through the moments.

As the spray of water washes away the dirt, I allow Him to wash away the doubts as he washes me in his grace. He truly is the living water of life.

I take a deep breath, and allow myself to remain in His presence. For the moment, that's enough.

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