Saturday, July 6, 2013

The breathing

A life of blessing, I breath deep and breath out. Every intake of air a blessing, every out breathing a praise. Because every breath I take is a gift, and every response must be thanks. I recognize the gifts, and I give thanks. And it becomes a mantra. And what a blessing it is to have a reminder that is sustaining me.
Blessings and praises. These are the way of life - the breathing in and out. And we can't truly live unless we have these. Heartache takes away my breath. It makes breathing painful. My eyes search for any blessing, my heart gives thanks for the unseen blessings I can't see.
Mistakes and hardship are a part of the Christian life. I've been told this many times. That's it's a characteristic. My heart rebels against the idea. I breath in and out.
The heartache that makes you take a sharp intake of air, the stress that overwhelms and you breath slowly out. Longer intakes, longer out takes. And I see a pattern. A pattern that God created into our very bodies. More blessings.
It's in the hardships that we must breath in - to truly overcome, we must see God's blessings. We must breath in his blessings, and keep praising him. We breath slow to stay calm - we take long breaths. Christ sustains us as we number our blessings and when praises never cease on our lips. These are the breaths of our souls.

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